Fanny Neguesha

Fanny Neguesha changes to “single” her social media status! Mario Balotelli dumped!

AC Milan player Mario Balotelli has been dumped online by girlfriend Fanny Neguesha.

For a short amount nightlong on tuesday, Fanny Neguesha modified her profile on Instagram status to “single”, which several took to mean that her dynamic relationship with Super Mario is over, again.

Should the break-up prove true, it comes simply per week once AC Milan  stricker was concerned along with his brother Enoch of getting a foursome with an new Italian playboy model.

Apart from  Instagram status of Fanny Neguesha, both the Belgium dancer and Super Mario appear to have deleted all photos of each other from their social networks.

Overwhelmingly, just a few days ago Fanny Neguesha posted  picture on her Instagram page with AC Milan Balotteli T-shirt